Interactive Sonification for exploring Single Molecule Properties with AFM based Force Spectroscopy

Authors: Jörg Martini, Thomas Hermann, Dario Amselmetti, Helge Ritter
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Interactive Sonification, ISon 2004, January 2004, Bielefeld, Germany

Audifications of DNA measurements:

Interactive Sonifications using the Simulator System in Neo/NST

The sounds contain 3 layers: (a) a wind-sound pattern that corresponds to the absolute force measured, (b) a repeating tone, whose pitch is determined by the net binding force, (c) marker sounds that are played on certain events connected to a specific physical meaning, like e.g. the rupture of a binding. The sound examples represent typical interactions using the simulator, a picture shows a screenshot of the system. Currently, the slider is used to navigate the cantilever, in the real AFM system, here the force feedback joystick comes into play.
Neo-Screenshot of the Program