Broadcasting Auditory Weather Reports - A Pilot Project

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Authors: Thomas Hermann, Jan M. Drees, Helge Ritter
ICAD 2003, see

Examples of typical (german) weather situations

Here are the sonifiations of some typical german weather situations. They are selected introduce the listener by presenting sounds for weather conditions spread all over the multi dimensional weather vector room. For each day there is a graphical plot of the important parameters that might be helpful for lerning.

Additionally we provide examples of one of our very early sonification prototypes for comparison. Note that not all parameters are represented in these sounds.

chilly but nice springtime mp3 Plot (gif)
A bit of fog and clound in the morning, but perfectly dry and shiny the hole second half of the day
dry summer day mp3 Plot (gif)
ideal day for a swimm
hot and humid summer day mp3 Plot (gif)
with upcoming rain and thunder storm
cold wet autumn day mp3 Plot (gif)
Better not go out. Sit at the fireplace and have a warm drink
cold but shiny winter day mp3 Plot (gif)
have a walk and enjoy the snow decorated landscape
stormy winter day with snow mp3 Plot (gif)
what more to say

step by step

Lets take a closer look at the hot and humid summer day. The auditory streams are introduces by one starting with the time markers.

time marker only mp3 (204k)
+temperature mp3 (204k)
+temperature/humidity mp3 (204k)
+rain mp3 (204k)
+wind mp3 (204k)
+clouds mp3 (204k)
+emos (complete) mp3 (204k)

used samples

The sonification was made using these samples of natural weather sounds and other real sounds