Real-Time Control of Sonification Models with a Haptic Interface

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Authors: Thomas Hermann, Jan Krause and Helge Ritter
ICAD 2002, July 2002, Japan

Sound Demonstrations for the Audio-Haptic Ball Interface

  • A) two separated classes -- sound
  • B) two classes showing little overlap along one axis  -- sound
  • C) two classes that overlap - inseparable classes -- sound
Description: The sonification model was excited by shaking the interface device. The shaking activation is given by the acceleration a_x(t), a_y(t) . During the first half of the sound examples, the interface is shaken along the x axis, during the second half along the y axis.
Duration: about 5 sec.
Description: Shaking excitation of the dataset with increasing network complexity.
Duration: about 2 sec / example